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WHAdvisor.com is one of the most popular free web hosting review site as well as web host directory. WHAdvisor.com is intended to offer companies reviews, comparison of their plans, web hosting company’s information, their reliabilities, price website companies features, data center information and many more things about them.

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User can find variety of plans of companies and user can read unbiased reviews about Top Web Hosting Companies before making a selection, and can also check out the pricing.


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Because WHAdvisor.com provides detailed information about various services like Shared like Linux and Windows , VPS, Reseller hosting, Dedicated Web Servers, and Website Hosting Plans by thousands of top website hosting companies in the world. You get genuine unbiased Company reviews, with latest articles, industry news,FAQ, tips of how to select your host, a complete guide with lots of updated information of the hosting world. Moreover, WHAdvisor smartly encapsulates essential information content for the smooth deliverance of the website for multifarious purposes.


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Undoubtedly, WHAdvisor.com serves as the basic pillar for navigation of relevant information through the provided with authentic data can be retain as and when required for formulation of the ongoing activities which ultimately enable support for the website hosting companies in few clicks of mouse.

Web Hosting Articles
1. Web Hosting Mistakes that are commonly made  
      There are a few common web hosting errors made by website owners who hire web hosting services and here we will discuss all in details. They are: •    Pric...
Mike hung
Apr 07, 2014
2. Shared Vs VPS Hosting  
While planning to start a new website, it is mandatory to choose a proper hosting plan. Depending on certain requirements, one should choose their hosting wisely; whether it is a Shared hosting or a V...
Sumit Kumar Gupta
Mar 03, 2014
3. Switch Over to Web Hosting Service Providers  
These days, individuals as well as companies have started to switch over to new web hosting companies. The reasons are varied. It may be as simple as having very little storage space or bandwidth or s...
Parul Sharma
Mar 03, 2014
4. What is the difference between managed and unmanaged web hosting?  
What is the difference between managed and unmanaged web hosting? As we all know, web hosting is of two types, namely managed and unmanaged.  Some people feel that unmanaged web hosting; be...
Sumit Kumar
Jan 03, 2014
Dedicated Hosting
5. The top 5 web hosting companies providing affordable web hosting services  
As online businesses are growing, web hosting companies have seen great development. Everybody boasts that their company provides with the finest web hosting service and this often leads to confusion....
Dec 18, 2013
6. What Criteria Would You Use to Evaluate Managed Hosting Vs Shared Hosting?  
 In order to operate an effective business website, quality website hosting is a key element.  The two main types website hosting are managed hosting and shared hosting. When a web host main...
Dec 05, 2013
Dedicated Hosting
7. Before Buy understand Shared Web Hosting   
Shared web hosting, as the name suggests, in Layman’s words, involves sharing of the available resources, among different clients. The resources include bandwidth, server, disk space, etc. So, ...
Nov 15, 2013
8. Is Unlimited Web Hosting is Really Unlimited?  
With the internet speeds going up day by day, with the latest launch of 4G technology, the demand for an unlimited bandwidth and storage has been growing ever since. But the real question starts when ...
Nov 08, 2013
9. How Cloud Hosting Open Possibilities for Business Intelligence?  
Cloud hosting is becoming a major trend in the business world these days. It has many advantages and some find it better than dedicated servers as well. In cloud hosting your resources are rendered ac...
Aug 27, 2013
10. Learn How can you Avoid Hosting Providers With Hidden Fees  
 In order to maximize your revenue and success online, you need to look for the most affordable hosting service provider on the Web. Some of them offer great plans at unbelievably low prices. How...
Ben Scott
Aug 08, 2013
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Web Hosting News
1. Nexcess Web Host Opens Michigan Data Center of 16,000 Square-Foot
Founded in 2000, Nexcess is a website hosting company that is based in Southfield, Michigan. The companies area of work is providing hosting services which range from custom complex hosting configurat...
Jack Holi
May 12, 2014
2. Web Host Seeking Partners in an Ecommerce World Where Every Dollar is Countable
Shopping online is no doubt one of the most useful features of the internet. Similar to that of blogging platforms were built around with the process of simple exchange of thoughts and ideas, compan...
Apr 14, 2014
3. Red Hat Releases its Enterprise Linux 7 Beta
 Red Hat comes with its keystone to the IT world with the flagship release of the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux (REHL) 7 Beta. It promises to provide better performance and scalability with the a...
Mar 28, 2014
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