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Last Updated : Tuesday 31st of May 2016
Web Hosting Articles Related to Domain Name
Can I keep my domain name when I change my web hosting company?

 Yes, you can. It is recommended to register domain name with a registrar prior to getting a hosting plan.

Importance of Domain name

Domain name is the user’s address that is entered in their web browser to access the website. For instanc...

Deepak Singh
Jul 15, 2012
Domain Name
Once My Domain Is Registered, Will It Be Available For Use Immediately?

 For any new domain registration it takes 15 minutes to process. In fact, it takes 2-24 hours to make the domain registration become available.

This is not available immediately as it is put in a queue and needs to wait for approval and this takes 24 to 48 hours.

Akash Kumar
Jul 08, 2012
Domain Name
Why are More Enterprise Organizations Virtualizing Mission-Critical Applications in the Public Cloud

In part one of this series we examined a few of the changes in cloud computing that led to more enterprise organizations virtualizing their tier one applications. The article focused on cloud service providers (CSPs) offering enterprise-grade security hardware and ...

Manish Malhotra
Feb 10, 2012
Domain Name
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