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There Are Many Free Web Hosting Services. Why Should I Pay For Web Hosting?

Last Updated : Monday 24th of July 2017
Added BY Akansha Sharma On Aug 02, 2012

 There are many free web hosting services. Why should I pay for web hosting?

Web hosting that began as a specialized service was offered by professional and reliable companies assuring all visitors good experience.

Any successful online business is based on quality, back-up support and reliability. Buying professional web hosting services offers many benefits over free services.

Why do I Pay for Web Hosting?

The advent of free blog space and blogging has brought revolution in web publishing. There are many free web hosting services and initially, a free blog account or web hosting appears to be a personal site. But later, you will have problems with this site.

Pros: It is free and easy such that anyone can have an account and get free services. No experience is necessary. Cons: Your website is affected and with free hosting the pop-ups and ads are common.

You are at the web hosting company’s mercy. Moreover limited or no accountability makes falling a prey to corporate apathy easy.

Paid Hosting

Pros: The paid web hosting service is right to host your own domain. It is legitimate and you have complete control of each aspect on your site.

Building links and having more leverage during problems is the positive assistance it has that helps in retaining control. Cons: The expense, assembly required and regular maintenance.

Making a right decision is based on you, but though there are free hosting services, it is best to opt for paid services.  

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